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Support Firefox in Control Panel

Get the control panel to work in Firefox. For mac users getting IE can be difficult and expensive.


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  1. Comment
    David Rosendahl

    Hi Chris,

    Which area of the software -- Control Panel, Dashboard, or Landing Pages?

    Thx for the comments!


  2. Comment

    Site is only currently accessible on IE, and therefore windows.

  3. Comment

    Everywhere. The entire application.


  4. Comment

    while this isn't THE FIX i do find it incredibly useful so I thought I would share.

    Grab a firefox add on called IE TAB then set it to wild card all the mindfireinc pages for your dashboard. It will render all the pages in a firefox window using IE seamlessly.

  5. Comment
    Rick Bauer

    IE Tab, from my searching, only appears to be a Windows compatible FireFox plug-in and other options appear unreliable at best as a workaround.

    I currently have to run Parallels on my MacBook Pro to build campaigns which is also a workaround. I am "casting my vote" for cross-platform and extended browser compatibility for the entire application.


  6. Comment
    David Rosendahl

    Hi Gents,

    To clarify our discussion, I've divided the major areas of the suite into the 3 major areas (below), and a few notes about browsers:

    1) Dashboard: Should be viewable in all browsers. Does anyone see something differently?

    2) Control Panel: IE-specific; we will make this open to all browsers in the Q3 release.

    3) Landing Pages / Microsites: Provided the pages are designed in a browser-friendly way, should render in all browsers.

    Can you all add your thoughts and findings on each of these for me?


  7. Comment
    Rick Bauer

    To respond to your request for clarification.

    1. Dashboard works well for me in all cases.

    2. Happy to hear. I assume this will therefore be cross platform. Not sure if there are any idiosyncrasies between Firefox for PC vs Mac.

    3. Good to go here.


  8. Comment
    Leslie Berry

    3) We've had problems with sites designed looking fine when tested for cross browser compatibility (mac and pc) before we merge everything into MF and then once we put then into MF sofware the css and positioning become messed up. Something to do with the encoding type, CSS being over-written, and the extra code being inserted by the software, etc.

    I look forward to the Q3 release and the extended-structure capability of the microsites (especially being able to have control over the head and body tags of the html files).

  9. Comment
    David Rosendahl

    Josh, agreed! See if we can get votes on this one so that we can get this on our list of top ideas.

  10. Comment

    You are waiting for votes to come in before doing something you agree with?

    This one is a no brainer and should be done ASAP regardless of vote count.

  11. Comment

    I think the Control Panel should work on all browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome.

  12. Comment

    ...and Safari.

    On another note...much of the MindShare site doesn't display properly in Safari...nor email in Entourage.

  13. Comment
    Charles Hill

    Yes, I agree with davidm. This MindShare site is frustrating with almost every browser depending on where you navigate to. Can you add this site to the possible lists of ideas to be submitted for under the Categories?

  14. Comment

    It looks like the MindShare site was updated. It is now displaying properly in Safari. :-)

  15. Comment
    Francois La Cock

    It would be great to have the control panel working on all browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. I work on a Mac and it's a hassle to open virtual Windows as it takes forever to open just to use IE which is the most hated browser.

    I'm looking forward to edit my campaigns in anything instead if IE.

  16. Comment

    I use a Mac Book as well and use VMware from Fusion. It works really well but is just another hassle for thing like backup etc. It also gets messy having to have Office on PC as well as Mac for working with lists etc

  17. Comment

    Hi Dave - A year ago you said "2) Control Panel: IE-specific; we will make this open to all browsers in the Q3 release." Is there an update on when this will happen?

    I am a Mac user, and desperately need the ability to login to my dashboard and edit campaigns through Firefox. I have very limited access to a PC (especially when I'm out of the office and need to be able to work on campaigns).